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Elevating Your Leadership Image

Take the next step on your Executive Image journey!

'Figure-Flattering Style' Wardrobe Consultation

Not sure you know how to advance you executive image journey?  I do!  During our consultation, we will walk through some discovery questions so that we can create a clear picture of where you are on your journey and what you need in order to look & feel powerful and confident!  In a world where first impressions matter, Venus Rising offers a unique blend of style expertise and confidence-building strategies that can truly make a difference in your career.  


Venus Rising is an executive image consulting agency that partners with busy women, just like you, to evaluate, source and assemble a complete wardrobe that will help you exude confidence, authenticity and professionalism.

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'Branded Style' Wardrobe Strategy Call

Your Executive Image is the cornerstone of your brand—it goes beyond mere appearance. It's not just how you physically show up; it's about positioning yourself for special business opportunities and day-to-day activities.

Your Executive Image transcends color and style; it's about how you position your image, I call; Image Positioning—a meticulous process that ensures you align with your customers' expectations, your position, and your organization's brand, all while retaining your unique identity.


Let's delve into strategies to build a brand that exudes confidence, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: your business.

Parker Geiger

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