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Monthly Plan

Venus Rising On-Call is a monthly subscription service that gives you 24/7 access to your wardrobe partner.

Your life can be unpredictable - and your wardrobe may have a hard time keeping pace!  From month to month, you may have unexpected events (weddings, business trips, spontaneous travel) that require new looks.  On-Call is a monthly subscription service that gives you full access to your Venus Rising wardrobe partner.


Out shopping and see a dress, but not sure it fits the bill?  Can't decide if the cut or color of a business outfit you've found online sets the right tone? Unclear as to whether an outfit you own can be tweaked and re-purposed for a party?  Venus Rising On-Call will give you the help you need to present yourself confidently and beautifully - no matter the occasion.


Included in your Venus Rising On-Call subscription:

Unlimited calls, texts and emails.  Messages received during working hours (8am - 6pm) will receive a reply within one hour.   Messages received after working hours will get a reply the next day.

  • Venus Rising On-Call

    Every month
    Your wardrobe partner, on-call, as you need it, monthly.
    • On-Call is available to existing and new clients
    • Sign up and cancel at any time
    • Get advice and answers to questions
    • Real-time, 24/7 access via text, phone calls, & email

Questions regarding Venus Rising On-Call?  Please use the Contact form here.

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