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Image by Kelsey Chance

What is the Wardrobe Audit?

The wardrobe audit’s goal is to distill your wardrobe into a collection of pieces that flatter your figure, make you feel good, give you confidence and fit your lifestyle.



The process includes trying on your clothes and assigning them ‘classifications’, including: keep, keep & alter, sell or donate.  Once completed, you’ll be left with pieces that work for you.



Now, we want to make sure you are wearing the pieces to maximize your style and confidence.  We want to identify and expand on your wardrobe options, including what tops can be worn with what bottoms, what belts go with what dresses and what shoes to wear with what outfits. Helping you ‘see’ your wardrobe differently will give you more ways to wear what you have.



The previous steps may show that you have gaps in your wardrobe.  Your lifestyle may necessitate a combination of work, play, party, exercise, travel, city and beach clothes and you may not have pieces that address your needs.  We will make a list of the gaps and of the types of pieces that could fill these gaps.

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