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​Venus Rising is your key to showing up and feeling beautiful – wherever you are.

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, friend, traveler and a business woman.  I became a consultant after getting my MBA in 2020. Consulting has many advantages over being a full-time employee.  Perhaps most importantly, it allows me the flexibility that was lacking in my corporate jobs.  And, while being an executive consultant to the corporate world is exciting and challenging, I realized I wasn’t using one of my most joyful, creative and innate skills: helping women feel beautiful and empowered by what they wear.


For 30 years I have crafted wardrobes for friends and family.  With an eye for what works for each person, it has always been fun to be their go-to style partner. After performing dozens of wardrobe audits and shopping for hundreds of hours, I love what has been achieved.  My phone is full of messages and pictures from happy women who feel great, get lots of compliments about how they look and who (they say) wouldn’t have been able to curate their style without my help.  So, a creative consulting idea took shape…Venus Rising.


I work with busy women, typically over 35, for whom confidence and looking good are important.  Women sometimes feel like they should intuitively know how to maximize their assets, how to shop, how to present themselves at work as well as project their inner power and beauty with the clothes they wear... But these traits do not come naturally to many.  Feeling confident and beautiful does not have to mean that women have to be fashion gurus, that they have to have a certain body type or be a certain age.  Instead, it can mean that women utilize a wardrobe partner who has an eye for what works well, who knows their lifestyle, their body type and their budget and who can help them feel and look their best.

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