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  • What is a wardrobe audit?
    The Wardrobe audit combines the following four steps. Depending on your needs, it may take more than one wardrobe audit session to complete your wardrobe audit. Step 1: Book your wardrobe audit. After booking, we will set up a time for an introductory Zoom call. During the call, we will talk about the aspects of your wardrobe that need the most attention, and you'll receive instructions on what to do to prepare for the wardrobe audit session. Step 2: On the day of the audit, we will start with a client evaluation that includes: categorizing your lifestyle & the types of clothes needed to fit that lifestyle as well as identifying your preferred neutral and accent colors. You will then try on your clothes to determine what you want to keep, mend / alter, sell and donate. Once completed, you’ll be left with pieces that work for you. Step 3: Now, we want to make sure you are wearing the pieces to maximize your style and confidence. We want to identify and expand on your wardrobe options, including what tops can be worn with what bottoms, what belts go with what dresses and what shoes to wear with what outfits. Helping you ‘see’ your wardrobe differently will give you more ways to wear what you have. Step 4: The previous steps may show that you have gaps in your wardrobe. Your lifestyle may necessitate a combination of work, play, party, exercise, travel, city and beach clothes and you may not have pieces that address your needs. We will make a list of the gaps and of the types of pieces that could fill these gaps.
  • Why do a wardrobe audit?
    There are many reasons why clients decide to do a wardrobe audit. Here are a few of the most frequent reasons: My wardrobe doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore I’m busy and I need help finding or refining my style I don’t know what my ‘style’ is or if the clothes I have suit me My body has changed and I don’t know if or how to make what I own work for me I buy clothes, but I’m not sure how to wear them I think I can use the clothes I own, but I’m not sure what pieces can be worn with other pieces It’s too overwhelming to figure out what I own that looks good and what needs to go away I don’t know if the clothes I own maximize my best assets I want to look good and feel confident in my clothes
  • What is the goal of the wardrobe audit?
    The wardrobe audit’s goal is to distill your wardrobe into a collection of pieces that flatter your figure, make you feel good, give you confidence and fit your lifestyle.
  • How do I get started with the wardrobe audit?
    Find the wardrobe audit session details and scheduling options here.
  • What is the in-person shopping (with the client) experience?
    Finding the pieces to fill your wardrobe gaps can be challenging to do on your own. Shopping in-person, together, will result in a more efficient, enjoyable and successful results!
  • What is the in-person shopping (without the client) experience?
    This is a good option for those who don't have a lot of time to shop. In this case, I will do the in-person shopping for you. Once I have found clothing options for you to consider, I will send you the information about the pieces and the stores where they are located. You can then decide if you want to go try on the pieces on your own or schedule time with me to go back to the stores with you.
  • What is the virtual, online shopping experience?
    Do you have favorite brands that you know you like? Or, maybe you want to be introduced to new styles and online stores you've never seen. The online shopping service is for those of you who would rather have the entire shopping experience be virtual. While generally harder to do, this option is a good one for those who are short on ‘shopping’ time and who don’t mind the shipping time or managing returns.
  • How does on-call work?
    Your life can be unpredictable - and your wardrobe may have a hard time keeping pace! From month to month, you may have unexpected events (weddings, business trips, spontaneous travel) that require new looks. On-Call is a monthly subscription service that gives you full access to your Venus Rising wardrobe partner. Out shopping and see a dress, but not sure it fits the bill? Can't decide if the cut or color of a business outfit you've found online sets the right tone? Unclear as to whether an outfit you own can be tweaked and re-purposed for a party? Venus Rising On-Call will give you the help you need to present yourself confidently and beautifully - no matter the occasion. Included in your Venus Rising On-Call subscription: Call, text or email with pictures and questions. If messages are received during working hours (8am - 6pm), you will get a reply within one hour. Messages received after working hours will get a reply the next business day.
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